Originating in the 1700s, the Swedish massage is one of the first types of massage to be developed. Over the years it has evolved into a popular therapy, known for its five core techniques, which are:


  • Effleurage - Long gliding strokes.
  • Petrissage - Lifting and kneading the muscles.
  • Friction – Firm, deep circular rubbing movements.
  • Tapotement - Brisk tapping or percussive movements.
  • Vibration - Rapidly shaking or vibrating specific muscles.


Swedish massage is very relaxing and helps to reduce emotional and physical stress, as well as reducing muscle tension.

The types of massage I offer are:

Swedish Massage

Sports Massage

Both physical activity and everyday lifestyles can lead to the build-up of stress and tension in the body's tissues. As well as preventing and treating sports injuries, it can help those who are experiencing muscle pain, as it reduces tension, knots and adhesions.


Sports massage therapists will use a range of deep and intense techniques to restore mobility to an injured muscle tissue. Stretching, compression, toning and trigger point response techniques similar to acupressure may be used.


Sports massage can also focus on the deeper layers of muscle within the body. It is more vigorous than Swedish massage and therefore not as relaxing.