My journey in complementary therapies began in 2010 when I was diagnosed with both fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. During my recovery, I experienced several different types of therapies before realising that I wanted to use these techniques to help others.


In the modern climate, with the many changes and challenges that we face, stress is on the increase. It can have many different causes and can result in many different symptoms at physical, as well as mental and emotional levels. Most symptoms that people experience in modern times are caused by stress. The American Institute of Stress has found that at least 75% of doctor’s visits are for stress related ailments. It is not to be underestimated! All complementary therapies can help with reducing stress levels.


I take a holistic approach to my treatments, as I strongly believe that the mind, body and spirit are all interconnected. We are all unique individuals, so whichever therapy you choose will be individually tailored to your own needs. Learning more about our individual stressors and our own bodies can empower us and help to alleviate physical and emotional symptoms.


I have also achieved the ITEC Level 3 Sports Massage qualification which I studied at St Mary’s University in Twickenham, London. Sports massage involves managing the soft tissues of the body by hands on treatment and it keeps muscles supple and free from tension, knots and adhesions. Most injuries are as a result of lifestyle, rather than sport, so whether you are involved in sports or not, regular sports massage treatments can alleviate pain and keep your muscles, tendons and ligaments in really good shape.


I will be adding content to this site, such as fact sheets on various conditions, and stretching etc, so please check back regularly.


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